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Average Week 2: 78.43kg/172.91lbs [Maintenance Week 5]
Average Week 3: 79.31kg/174.85lbs [Maintenance Week 6]
Average Week 4: 79.23kg/174.67lbs [Maintenance Week 7]
Average Week 5: 79.95kg/176.26lbs [Maintenance Week 8 + Mild Deficit]
Average Week 6: 79.72kg/175.75lbs [Mild Deficit]
Average Week 7: Vacation
Average Week 8: 81.52kg/179.72lbs
Average Week 9: 80.99kg/178.55lbs
Average Week 10: 80.63kg/177.76lbs
Average Week 11: 80.30kg/177.03lbs
Average Week 12: 79.58kg/175.44lbs
Average Week 13: 80.09kg/176.57lbs
Average Week 14: 79.48kg/175.22lbs
Average Week 15: 80.16kg/176.72lbs
Average Week 16: 79.77kg/175.86lbs

I didn't post last week, so I've included them both. As you can see, not too much change over the last while. I guess intuitive deficit is really just turning into intuitive maintenance. I can't complain, considering how hot it has been this summer. It's just rough having a deficit when it's tough to sleep and your place turns into a sauna.

Also, it's my birthday today. I just turned 34. I have to say that I started into some of the food last night, but hey, it's one day a year - I'll manage. Refeed is today. And I'll probably keep the festivities going tomorrow

Mental: Good. I didn't meet my goal of six pack abs by my birthday, but I guess that just happens. I probably could if I kept on it, but I seemed to have run into hormone issues on my low - so slower will be the pace. I do hope to make it by the end of the year though. When fall comes, it'll be easier to maintain a meaningful deficit. For now, I can hope I'm putting on a tiny amount of muscle.

Mobility and Flexibility: Both going well.

Gym: Great!

Movements/Yoga: I've been mainly focused on the mobility/flexibility work. Though I do my headstand exercises. Haven't worked on any movements in a while.

Plan for the week: Just keep doing what I'm doing.
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