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It's not so much a bodyweight I'm looking to maintain, but a leaner physique. And right now I don't really need to maintain. I need to weigh less. It just seems, right now, that my body just hates my guts and fights me hard when I enter into some substantial deficit.

I'm hoping this is just an issue with summer. It's hot out, it's hot in my place, sleeping is harder, and it's just a lot for my body to deal with all at once. I'm guessing this will be easier when fall rolls around, as it will be cooler and easier to sleep. Maybe my body will still hate my guts for the deficit, but my will might be stronger to push through it.

Right now I'm trying to figure out a plan for something to just get me through the summer that can put me in a positive direction, without having to feel like crap. And like I said in my previous post, low deficits seem to be key to not feeling like crap - it's just there is no room for any error.
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