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So I decided I'm basically going to ease into a low carb diet, and try and gradually cut back on drinking, maybe even do the whole Steak + Eggs thing somewhat strictly the week before Memorial Day Weekend.

I started yesterday with upping my protein and fats and lowering my carbs. Ditched the beer and had 2.5 glasses of red wine. Went hard with a 45 min workout at the gym with sandbags and KB lifting. Sore today and taking today off.

I was 157 yesterday and 156 today.

I had a little bit of steak for breakfast; have a steak salad for lunch; and have a work happy hour thing that involves a raw bar, so that should be lower or no carb. I'll try and go high protein for dinner.

Also started making a thc-tincture that I'd like to try to help abate the drinking in the next week though I'm always afraid of getting paranoid (I'm a lightweight ironically when it comes to cannabis). I did a bunch of math and weighing things but it's hard to have an exact science lab in your kitchen.

I don't know if 149 is realistic for me by Memorial Day but I'm going to keep writing about it for motivation and to head in the right direction.
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