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Default Day 16

Weight: 143

Nutrition: ?

I know I said I was going to be strict with tracking till the 23rd but I fasted from noon on the 6th till noon on the 8th. Woke up at 146 that day. Had about 1,000 calories, keto, but don't know exact amount as I had a dinner out (sashimi; also had no carb alcoholic drinks).

Woke up on the 9th (yesterday) at 142.5. Whoa. Alcohol is such a crazy diuretic! It's insane. Followed same kind of diet yesterday and woke up to 143.

Also having a lighter calorie/keto day and some drinks today for social event.

No workouts this weekend unfortunately.

Going back to no alcoholic drinks this week and hitting the gym. Expect the scale to be up a couple of pounds without the diuretic effect of alcohol, however, also hoping to do another 48 hour fast at some point. The last one was good. (Decided not to do the 72 hour fast during the workweek; was feeling a little lightheaded.)
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