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Default 4 Day Sprint

Weight: 142

LOL at my 7 day sprint.

On day 2 of a 4 day "sprint," which started at noon on Monday and ends at noon on Friday.

My "sprint" at this point means fasting/eating only keto when if/I do eat.

Originally this was supposed to be 7 days of no drinking/being strictly keto but this weekend was a total wash with nonstop social events. I wouldn't even say I was keto or even low carb. Not sure where my willpower is these days.

I decided to try make up for my nutritional mayhem a little bit by doing a small fast. So, started fasting at noon on Monday and we'll see how far I can go. Would love to make it till noon tomorrow for my first 72 hour fast but I have a big meeting tomorrow morning and don't want to be worried about being lightheaded.

Alternatively, might do a 68 hour fast, then eat something at 8am and then try and fast again until noon the following day when I have a work lunch I can't not eat at, which would be a 27 hour fast. So combined 95 hours of fasting as opposed to just one 72 hour fast.

Unfortunately the scale probably won't budge too much regardless -- the scale is up today, which is a result of the weekend AND my period coming any day now. Also, I don't find that I see a drop in water weight when I fast. Sometimes the scale stays the same from one day to the next or I just drop .5 pounds (I've only ever done 1 or 2 day fasts). But a few days later, I do see a drop and it tends to stick. It's interesting. I'm fascinated by fasting.

Still, when I wasn't drinking and was doing keto I saw the best, most consistent results so I need to figure out a way to get in that head space again, even if just for 2 weeks at a time. Been plateaued for too long!

Even thought i's unlikely, I'd super psyched to be at 139.5 on Friday or Saturday. This weekend is a super special event for me and it'd feel great to feel that I reached this small goal. It's OK if I don't though -- I'll get there, and once I'm in the 130s I'm going to start a new thread with new goals.
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