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Originally Posted by sethreidnz View Post
Don't worry Lyle a friend and I are starting a new online business, and he's just wrapping up a double degree in business and computer science and we were just yesterday discussing how all current trends and research show that content marketing is the way of the future. So you're just ahead of the curve.

We plan on using your model as an inspiration (well he already was going this way when i joined but your site is a prime example of what he was proposing); providing the top quality product with top quality advice and support to use the product all available in one easy to find place.

It is by far the best way I've seen anyone set up a business such as this one. I can fully appreciate why you don't wanna 'play the game' to such an extent. The game is falling apart around us anyway so who cares!
Whilst your optimism is appreciated it is unfortunately misplaced. If you analyse marketing from the 19th century, it is eerily similar to that of today's apart from colloquial differences. Magic tonics, elixirs, and bodybuilding booklets promising all but providing little has always been the order of the day. Human nature hasn't changed in two hundred years, and I don't see a reason to feign naivete and believe it will be any different in the future....ever.

Tom Venuto and Pavel Tsatsouline actually have great business models. Both of them provide a lot of great advice (with some garbage here and there) through an effective marketing vehicle. As far as optimizing longevity that is probably the best bet. But Kevin Trudeau has become a literal billionaire by selling cancer cures and all kinds of trash. I can assure you that unless one is willing to participate in what we believe are underhanded marketing strategies, they won't be making that kind of money, ever.

Given my schedule, I have the pleasant misfortune of turning on the telly at odd hours of the day, and what am I inundated with? The old EMS ab belts that were in all kinds of adverts about ten years ago. That is the way of the world, terribly sorry. Take solace in the fact that Lyle can probably sleep at night, and if you and your mate run your business similarly, you ought to be able to as well.

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