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I see your point but all you've done is make me want to prove you wrong; In a non-confrontational way; In a thanks for the extra motivation sort of way. haha

I was mainly referring the internet and how things like pop-up adds and spam advertising have been shown to be loosing their effectiveness. I'd rather provide a website that creates discussion and traffic and all the information and products required to do a specific thing that you're product does which is practically free (discounting the time to write the articles) than pay facebook or some other website for tiny side bar adds no one (or at least judging by everyone I've ever asked about internet adds) even glances at.

Thanks for your input though. I am certain that in our case, considering you don't even know what I'm talking about selling or in what way, our model is going to work very very well. No doubt. I'll link you the website if you like when we are launched, succeed or fail.

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