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What do you suggest?

It seems more likely that the added stress is from the only thing that's new, the resistance training. My body is not yet accustomed to it, unlike the 2 hr bike rides and hikes which I've been doing for over a year, and 7-10 hrs/wk of moderate intensity cardio on average. I'm hoping my body will adjust to the RT in the next week or so?

I've also looked up Lyle's writings on Cortisol related water retention and found this:
In any case, dieting in general is a stress. And of course training is a stress. And the more extreme you do of each, the more of a stress occurs. And I suspect that a lot of what is going on when folks try to combine excessive caloric deficits with massive amounts of activity is that cortisol just goes through the roof.

....In any case, there are several different plausible mechanisms by which the combination of excessive caloric deficits an large amounts of activity can cause problems. Whether it’s simply cortisol related water retention, a drop in metabolic rate due to leptin resistance or something else, something is going on. From a more practical standpoint, for a lot of people, the combination simply doesn’t work.

......The simple facts for the majority of folks is this: you can either cut calories hard OR do large amounts of activity. But you can’t do both.
I'm already doing what he recommends, which is NOT doing both. 1850 cals for a woman my size is reasonably high. And going by the last 2 weeks' log, I've done 7-8.5 hrs of cardio/week, hardly massive by anyone's definition.

Another good article on cortisol was >

From what I've read so far, to mitigate cortisol related water retention, it seems I need to:
-Sleep better (my sleep has been VERY sketchy in the last 2 weeks)
-Drink more water and vitamin C (I'll do more fruit smoothies)
-Get more potassium (More leafy greens, beans, potatoes, fruits)
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