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Post-ERFL/Day 7

Weigh in: 106.3(-1.5) lb/48.3kg(-0.7)

Yesterday's macros:

1300 calories, 110g protein
Low fat, carbs 80g

Already almost back to Post-ERFL weight. People are commenting that I look like I've lost a bunch of weight, so I'll take it I lost mostly fat!

However, I felt very cold yesterday all day long so this morning I measured my temperature: 35.7 C (96.3 F).

I didn't expect it to be so low given that prior to ERFL I spent 2 weeks eating at maintenance/above maintenance and barely worked out.
Also my refeed the other day was pretty big for me.

If refeed didn't help I guess I should go hard core maintenace instead of conservative, lol

Will adjust based on daily weigh ins, maybe I'm still losing some fat just like it happened in the study and my weight will stabilize. Fingers crossed

Have a good day everyone
"I know who I am. And after all these years, there's a victory in that"

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