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Originally Posted by Rykertest View Post

Question 1: Are calories at 1800 correct?

Question 2) How would my macros change?

Question 3) I need a minimum of 100 grams of carbs per day when dieting in a deficit, correct?
1: no way to answer this question as you haven't stated your body weight.

2: do what you want with the macros, provided you've set protein high enough to be muscle sparing and carbs high enough to avoid ketosis. Focus on numbers rather than percentages.

3: 100g of carbs is not some magic minimum dietary requirement, but is typically the minimum to avoid ketosis. Higher carbs will improve energy and performance. Easy to get 100g worth as they're so abundant in foods.

General comment: I've heard others say that they've found this book hard to 'put together'. I guess that's because it's a loose guide rather than a spoon feed. I never really had that reaction myself, because I just used it as a valuable adjunct to the knowledge base I already had. This is honestly the best way to use it.
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