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Default Somewhat fast?

I know the PSMF is mean't to show really good results in a short span of time, but recently I have been taking quick readings on the scale out of curiosity, and I am literally dropping half a pound every day or every two days, is this normal? At this point I don't know how much of that is water, because before I even started PSMF, I wasn't retaining much water as I was on a low carb diet, so I already had my early "whoosh" but I have been on doing PSMF for 9 days now, and I am always somewhat surprised at how fast I am dropping.

Stats - currently
age - 23
H- 6'1
W- 119.2 kg
BF - was 29 or so at 126kg no idea what I am now.
Activity - While on PSMF I have been sedentary as fk, so just casually chilling around my house, and doing paper work for university.
Exercise - 3 x weekly heavy weight lifting, 30 minutes of cardio every now and then, but it's very light cardio.

Started at 122.3 kg (this is after the whoosh) - 14th December

on the 20th I was at 119.8kg which I was very happy about for one weeks worth of effort, but then on the 21st I was 119.2kg, and now I am 118.5kg.

Could the big jumps be a decrease in LBM, but in terms of connective tissue? Because the last thing I would want to do is lose any significant amount of muscle, as the only sliver lining with gaining a lot of weight randomly is the decent increase in LBM. Or a more relative question would be, do people constantly lose water weight throughout a diet, or does it not balance itself to a somewhat neutral level if the person is hydrated.

I am following the diet's guidelines to the letter as well as doing the exercises suggested so I might just be overthinking things in that regard, but it would still be nice to get some other opinions from people who perhaps have done PSMF previously.

- Losing weight a really fast rate, just wondering if it's okay or if I am just overthinking things like a twat
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