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Originally Posted by Determinism View Post
That's normal. It's called water weight.

When carbs are limited, the body gets rid of a lot of water and you look less bloated. Also, your muscles will become depleted because your body has a hard time restoring glycogen when only protein is consumed. Glycogen is about 75% water.

Some people report 8-10 lbs initial weight loss when starting RFL, but I believe 3-6 lbs is more common.

Anyway, enjoy while it lasts. Most of that weight will be restored once you introduce a maintenance diet again.
Thats the issue, I was already on really low carb diet previously before starting PSMF, so I lost a huge amount of water before even starting the diet, so I didn't really see a HUGE spike of weight drop instantly when I started PSMF because the carb value wasn't that different to my previous diet.

At the end of the day progress is progress I guess, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't dropping at an abnormal rate. The only real difference between PSMF and the keto diet I was on previous is the decrease in calories/fat and the increase in protein so I didn't think I was going to lost much water weight past that point anyway.

I plan on doing PSMF for 45 days, so another 35 days basically, purely because I am actually enjoying it, the routine and the fixation on the guideline helps stay on track, but I obviously want to move on to a more sustainable diet at a later period, and I know that I obviously won't lose similar amounts of weight on another diet, so I am not clinging to any exceptions in speed in general, but the drop was somewhat surprising. It may just be because I was a lot lower than I am currently basically a year ago, and when I use to cut to drop a small amount of fat it took me ages, I guess I am just not use to the concept of having so much fat on my body that I can drop it so easily.

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