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Originally Posted by Determinism View Post
Trust me, your body does not change the first law of thermodynamics. It's just water weight and a little fat loss. The scale is your worst enemy when on an extreme diet. Use it only as a tool to measure the craziness of your diet and how your body responds to the roller coaster. Using it to monitor changes in body composition will leave you completely confused, depressed or happy all at once.

I frequently see people complain or worry about the way the scale moves. Just adhere to the diet (whatever it is) for the planned period. Go into a 2 week break after that. And finally, AFTER that break, you have a good idea where your body is at. And even then it may not be indicative of the finale result. My own body has been holding pounds of water weight for about a month. That's 4 weeks after the diet ended.
Will do thanks for the advice. And I don't doubt that my body functions the same as anyone else, but I was just surprised at the drop rate, and wanted to clarify if it was within the norm, as I could estimate a 1,500-1,700 deficit daily on this diet, which is big, so I was somewhat concerned with the rate, but I guess even after a big whoosh you can still lose more water weight.

Originally Posted by LightCrow View Post
Sounds like what has already been said and was another whoosh. So the good test if it is muscle or not is are you manintaining the load on the bar when you lift?
I added around 20kg to my bars in general recently, so if anything I am lifting more, so no decrease in maintaining any load on my dead lifts or my benches. I will just wait out the 45 days I intented to do RFL for, and then reevaluate what was lost, etc.

Thank you all for the advice.
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