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Originally Posted by BigPecsPeter View Post
Is that from personal experience? Sounds mad! Does this capergoline have any dodgy side effects, the way you use it?
Nah, friend told me that

There are little to no sides with caber, if you dose it right, at least IME.

And as Myles.Buckley suggested me, you can also add Bupropion , for a sexual wombo-combo.

Originally Posted by MrRippedZilla View Post
Except every single tren using client of mine, like, EVER.

In most cases, it's a lack of E2 control, a well known prolactin stimulant. In others it gets a bit weird and by no means is isolated to tren/19 nors as most believe.
TRH, increased during hypothyroid conditions, is another known prolactin stimulant. You can speculate here to the impact of tren on the thyroid if you wish.
Sometimes you get a "false high" caused by inappropriate bloodwork that cannot differentiate from macroprolactin.
Then you have really weird cases, like myself, who have high prolactin from TRT with normal thyroid/e2 numbers. Pure speculation - it's probably poor dopamine levels from deficiency/depletion, defective transport, genetics or w/e.
Indeed. I researched a bit and literature suggests that there's no correlation between tren and prolactin, and in most cases it's poor estrogen control. So, you're probably right. I never looked too much into tren, because I think that tren sucks.

Don't leave the thread, I have 2 questions for you:

1. What do you think about tren ace vs. tren enanthate? (I think tren E is garbage)

2. Does the usage of GH helps with negative sides of tren and if so, by which mechanism?

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