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Originally Posted by easyrhino View Post
I've read, I think from you, that a drop in metabolism of 10% while dieting would be a big deal. I assume this is RMR.
The largest total measured response I've seen was the classic Minnesota Study which found a tottal drop of 40% but 25% of that was simply due to the weight loss. So 15% was an actual metabolic rate adjustment.

I wonder if "all-in" daily metabolic change has been expressed as a percentage anywhere. For instance, these guys, on overfeeding, if their starting diet was like 2000-2500 calories, may have had increases in daily burn of 33% to nearly 50% once all sources (RMR, TEF, NEAT) are factored in.
Well this study did quantify changes in RMR and TEF which I listed. But the NEAT was just hugely variable. The paper listed baseline total energy expenditure (BMR + TEA +TEF) as ranging from 2216-3818 with subjects bodyweights ranging from 53.3-91.7kg. Overed total energy expenditure ranged from 2508-4601. So let's make the assumption that the guy with 3818 was the one who ended up at 4601. I have no idea if that assumption is true or not.

That's a 20% total increase.
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