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Day 5 - December 18th

Weight - Will be checking the scale weekly.

Breakfast - 309 Calories
Chicken Breast Fillets 180g - 245 calories
Fibre Force - 8 Calories
3 Fish Oil Tablets - 27 calories
Mega-size BCAA - 12 Calories
Romaine Lettuce - 17 calories

Dinner - 623
Chicken Breast Fillets 400g - 544 calories
3 Fish Oil Tablets - 27 calories
Fibre Force - 8 Calories
Extra Hot Peri Peri Sauce 100 ml - 44 calories

Calories : 932
Protein : 182g
Carbs : 13g
Fat: 17g

- Not taking extra carbs from milk or drinking whey on non lifting days, as it seems pointless and isn't remotely enjoyable.
- Still not tired, but having issues going to the bathroom.
- Still peeing like a race horse.

Exercise -
None, only going to lift 3 times a week, to avoid unpleasant side effects on the diet.

Originally Posted by Liberty View Post
I have constant problems with that on RFL, and veggies/fiber don't help me. If you can get Miralax wherever you live, that is a godsend. 1-2x daily as needed.
Trying to find something similar as we don't seem to have Miralax in the UK.

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*wave* Welcome!
Heya! nice to meet ya.
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