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Our BF% was measured by biokineticist using 9 site skinfold caliper... We don't likely indulge and eat clean most of the time. Have been training for years etc. I did not say we will do UD now, I said we will do RFL first but then push into UD soon as BF% drops enough - both of us only has 3% to drop in order to "qualify" for the UD2 program if I read correctly on page 2. Hence wanting to know how it works.

I understand (and appreciate) all the advice and pre-warnings about starting the UD diet too soon, I just it find it frustrating that we pay money to buy the books but when we need clarity and help on how things work we just get told not to do it instead of someone actually helping us to learn how to do it so that we can do it when we're ready to do it. Perhaps there should be a warning on the book cover or description that says do not buy until you are at BF15% or less so that people don't waste money on it which would be a waste in itself as I think it does contain educational material that would benefit those aspiring to get real lean.
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