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Default lean ground chicken breast veggie meatloaf

Here is one of my favorite low carb recipes using lean ground chicken breast.

99% lean ground chicken
85g broccoli
50g onions
100g green peppers
50g shredded carrots
15g tomato paste
a dash of saffron, Emeril seasoning, basil, oregano
salt and pepper

combine all vegetables in a food processor. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl using your hands.

In a nonstick pan, spray it with Pam, and flatten out the meat mixture using your hands like a pancake. Cook on med/high with the top cover of pan and let the heat cook the meat. Once the bottom get brown and the meat is partially cooked, cut into 4 pieces equally and flip over to allow other side to brown. Let cook for another 5-10 minutes.

Nutritional content for each quarter:
19g protein, 4g carbs, 0.7g fats

Its a great meal on the go, b/c it has both the veggies and protein all in one so you can wrap in aluminum foil and eat on the road!
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