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Chicken Avocado Salad

110gms chicken
85 gms spinach/spring lettuce
32 grams avocado
2 tsp olive oil
25gms red pepper
70gms raw broccoli
garlic powder
italian season (basil, oregano....)
red wine vinegar

315 cals 10c, 29p, 17f

Chicken Macadamia nutbutter Salad

110gms chicken
85 gms spinach/spring lettuce
19 gms macadamia nutbutter (Maranathas is good) = 1tbsp + ~2gms
100 gms broccoli
salt & garlic powder if want
apple cider vinegar

319 cals 10c, 30p, 17f

Bison burger Blackberry/feta salad

Bison burger patty (heat up or cook and then cut up and add to top of salad warm)
1 oz full fat crumbed feta
50gms blackberries
85 gms brocolli
85 gms spinach/spring lettuce
redwine vinegar

316 cals 13c, 30p, 16f

Chicken Ricotta Salad

100 gms chicken (I am lazy and eat a lot of perdu shortcuts)
31 gms whole milk ricotta cheese
50 gms red bell pepper
80 gms broccoli
85 gms spinach/spring lettuce
2 tsp olive oil
italian seasons
garlic powder
add red wine vinegar

318 cals 10c, 30p 17f

This is SOOO GOOD!
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