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Originally Posted by Scraff View Post
I'm not looking for an excuse to eat a crappy diet. I'm trying to get the straight dope on how rare de novo lipogenesis is.

Something you've said in the past:

From the following study:

... fructose can rapidly and without any control produce glucose, glycogen, lactate, and pyruvate, providing both the glycerol and acyl portion of acyl-glycerol molecules. These particular substrates and the lack of regulation of this pathway could result in large amounts of TG that can be packed into very-low density lipoproteins by the liver. ...The investigators demonstrated that post meal lipogenesis increased in proportion to fructose concentration in a beverage: from 7.8% for 100g glucose beverage to 15.9% after a mixture of 50g glucose: 50g fructose and 16.9% after a mixture of 25g glucose: 75g fructose beverage. Body fat synthesis was measured immediately after the sweet drinks were consumed. This study concluded that fructose has an immediate acute lipogenic effect; with greater serum TG level in the morning, and after a subsequent meal, even if consumed as a small amount in a mixture of sugars. ...

There was a 7.8% icrease in post meal lipogenesisfor after a 100g glucose beverage. That's about two and a half cans of coke or a coke and a slice of pie.
So don't eat 2 cans of coke and a slice of pie for god's sake. How hard is this?

That's a crap meal and a crap diet and QUANTITATIVELY the amount of fat made is miniscule compared to the TOTAL AMOUNT OF FAT IN THE SLICE OF FREAKING PIE.

Yeah, fine you make a couple of grams of fat from the fructose.
And ate 30 grams of fat in the pie

Which matters more?


Basically the word you're missing here is QUANTIATIVELY sgnificant. Does DNL happen? Sure. But is it relevant in a world where people are eating 100+ grams of fat per day. No, no it is not.

Because say you drink 2 cans soda and the eat the pie. And DNL is 7.8% or whaterver
Eat the identical amount of fpure fat and you know how much fat is mades/tored: 97%

what matters more?
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