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Because of...someone answer that the novo lipogenesis is irrilrvant while the study (yes an old study...but a study...or only we can trust in new study?) says you could gain 150 gr of fat eating 450 gr of carbo...the same can occur eating 160 gr of fat. So the question of the thread if it is relevant...i think yes Because 450 gr of carbo is not a "extreme" amount neither 150 gr of fat gain is an irrilevan amount. That is my idea...who ask the question could see the 2 opinion and decide...if he prefear to gain 100 gr of fat eating 500 gr of white rice or gain the same amount eating 300 gr of fat cheese. Is like my question about caffeine and lypolisis..for you and squat is irrilevant. .for me and other people on earth it could be relevant.
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