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Default Day 14

Somehow I messed up counting my days in the titles of these posts; corrected them and today is actually Day 14 of doing this diet.


Weight: 153

Nutrition: 1,050 calories
Fat: 71
Protein: 63
Carbs: 16

Workout: Sandbag (variety of squats, lunges, clean presses), core, tiny bit of HIIT


At 153 today, but not due to GI issues like last week. Ate lower calorie yesterday because I wasn't hungry after the gym and really didn't feel like having much dinner; had some sautéed zucchini and a bit of 85% dark chocolate as a treat. For breakfast I also had one organic string cheese at 80 calories because I forgot to bring my BPC; that totally sufficed so I'm wondering if I should gradually cut out breakfast and move more towards a lunch/dinner only plan. I've never been into breakfast and only have eaten it to keep my blood sugar steady, but obviously that's adaptable.

Not much longer left to January but I'm really hopefully I can see 149.5 by February. Or really, anytime within that month. That'd be major for me.
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