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Originally Posted by LightCrow View Post
Again giving out more complete nonsensical advice:

1. This depends on a number of factors.
2. Utter nonsense to give blanket advice "no running". Why do you say this?
3. Stupid advice not knowing more about their history or lifting goals.
4. Let me guess Rippetoe is never wrong?
5. Again it's moronic to give blanket recommendations like this.
6. It will help, but not as much as protein, veggies, and EC.
7. The only thing you got right in the 7 points you made.

There is nothing nonsensical about the advice I gave. I gave a full disclaimer that he should take the time to read the articles and my advice was just basic guidelines. I don't owe it to anyone to type out a novel. I gave him extremely basic, helpful advice. If he followed the exact plan I laid out he would lose a lot of fat in an efficient manner. Given that most people don't read books and just want the cliffs notes, I gave them to him.

1) No, it doesn't. High protien is ALWAYS going to be important on a diet. Period.

2) Why do I say no running? Because his goal is to burn fat. Fat loss grinds to a virtual halt after about 5 pounds lost via running.

3) There Is nothing nonsensical about recommending reduced frequency of workouts. It is counterintuitive to most people, therefore it is GREAT advice.

4) Reduced VOLUME and maintaining intensity on the bar is from Lyle Mcdonald. Rippetoe recommends to get as fat as possible and not worry about cutting for the first couple of YEARS. Hes a proponent of the GO MAD diet. I'm guessing you've never actually read rippetoe or you'd realize how off base your comment is.

5) My advice on walking comes from Lyles articles. Most people overdo it, so its important to point out that excessive cardio isn't the gateway to fat loss. This is all in the articles buddy.

6) I already recommended protein and I'm not in the business of recommending drugs to people on a messageboard. I don't even know if this guy is 18. No thanks on telling him to pill pop without fully explaining the effects of EC. I went on a 3 year drug bender after I let that cat out of the bag again on EC. Veggies I forgot to mention. Congrats. First helpful advice you've provided in this thread.

7) It's one of the numerous helpful points I made.
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Thank you Lyle. This website is a game changer once you understand the mechanisms behind fat loss/muscle gain.

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