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Just listened to PN's podcast on breakfast. It was just someone reading this article out loud. But, good article. Basically, breakfast doesn't matter.

I like this quote:

"After looking at 88 observational studies on obesity and breakfast, the authors of our study made some interesting discoveries.
Turns out that if a study showed a positive correlation between skipping breakfast and obesity (i.e. skipping breakfast was associated with increased fat), there was a good chance this information would show up in the study’s abstract and its conclusion.

Of course, it’s normal to report your results in the abstract — which, for those of you who have forgotten science class, is the little précis at the beginning. It summarizes the research. And it’s this abstract that busy researchers rely on when compiling meta-analyses.
Interestingly, if a study found a negative correlation (i.e. skipping breakfast was not associated with gaining weight), the result went unreported in the abstract or conclusion
This is a big reason why it’s a bad idea to skim the abstract instead of reading the whole study!"
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