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250k Challenge - Week 5 Summary
Avg Weight: 226.0lbs (-1.4lbs/-6.8lbs)

Weekly steps: 79k

Hit a new low weigh in of 223.2lbs on wednesday. That is the lightest I have been in at least 3 years. My rough maths puts me at around 13.5% although I can't help but feel like I'm fatter than expected (which shouldn't be a surprise really).

My mid-section is tightening up; love handles shrinking and low back fat is reducing nicely. More veins appearing daily which is nice.

This weekend I went a bit overboard (this is becoming a reccuring theme) and I rebounded up nearly 10lbs :0

Much of the same this week but I'll throw in a few RFL days as it's valentines and I'm going to London for the weekend both mean lots of food/drinks.

Overall I think this cut is going well. The scale keeps dropping, I feel leaner and don't feel run down or like fat loss is slowing yet despite reaching the "leaner" realms.

My plan going forward is to treat the half-way weekend (next week) as a 3 day diet break to try to boost any metabolic adaptations and as a mental break before stepping it all up for the second 6 weeks. Fasted cardio, yohimbine, structured and stricter re-feeds (opposed to binges).

Thanks for reading my incoherent ramblings.
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