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250k Challenge - Week 6 Summary
Avg Weight: 225.9lbs (-0.1lbs/-6.9lbs)

Weekly steps: 77k

Not overly impressed with progress this week (as there was none). Had 4 days where I was heavily in a surplus and barely walked so actually losing weight is probably a huge success.

I have changed my workouts to 3 full body with an optional 4th session where I focus on whatever I want/need to.

Moving forward
I am drawing a line under last week and moving forward to the final 6 weeks of the challenge. Starting today I will be doing;

- 30 mins fasted walking (5 days a week)
- No cheat days, limiting myself to 1 meal
- Increasing calories to hopefully stop and binge episodes
- Aim to hit 15k steps daily average

My goal is to lose 1lb a week which should put me right around 11-12% for the deadline. After this I will take 2 weeks off at maintenance before a 4-6 week push to get sub 10% before a holiday in May.


I am definitely in the "dead zone" for bodyfat where scale loss doesn't equal physical improvements but then suddenly the mirror will catch up. I feel small and weak but know that it's all just the mental game.

Clothes are feeling loose and baggier so I don't think that is helping but I'm, going to hold out until I'm as lean as I want to be before buying fitted items.
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