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250k Challenge - Week 7 Summary
Avg Weight: 224.6lbs (-1.3lbs/-8.2lbs)

Weekly steps: 102k

All the changes made last week worked it would seem. Less workout days has made the quality of my sessions better, consistent calorie goal is easier to adhere to during the week and eating at maintenance at the weekend rather than justifying a "binge" as a refeed, means that for the first time since starting I am at a lower weight on Monday than I was on Friday. Walking more has helped keep my TDEE up around 4000 calories which makes things a bit easier.

One new addition in last few days is the introduction of the EC stack. I have used it a few times before so know my tolerances are quite high and don't tend to feel any side effects so have gone in at full dose of 3 x 200C +25E. Will probably use this for 3-4 weeks before considering something else.

This week will be a repeat of last week with regard to diet, workouts and steps. I have a work function, pancake day and family gathering that will make it trickier but making progress is important to me.

As this Week 7, I have 4 weeks left before I need to start my "peak week prep". I'm hoping that I will be able to drop 1.5-2lbs each week and weigh 216-218lbs before manipulating carbs/sodium in anticipation of my home photo shoot. I am going to do the UD2.0 prep plan with 3-4 days of low/no carbs alongside depletion workouts before a carb up wednesday night/thursday morning and reassessing from there.

I am still having big issues with my shoulder(s) and really need to get them seen to but I am struggling to find time with work, moving house and general life.
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