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Question UD2 mass gain variant + specialization

I know this thread is ancient but it's the only one I could find that addresses the idea of incorporating specialization into UD2 mass gain variant.

I'm having trouble conceiving how I might go about formulating a specialization routine into ud2. Would I work it into both the tension and power workouts? Or just one or the other? How about volume? If anyone has done this or thought about it please share!

I know there are a lot more painless ways to go about bulking but ud2 and I are made for each other. I've done it for more that 3 months so I know what it is and what it takes.
I'm 6foot, 196 lbs at 8% the old tricks aren't working anymore and I need to move into specialization. It would be nice to make this work. Any suggestions/thoughts on how these two might be synthesized, other than the above posts which weren't extremely helpful?

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