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Originally Posted by lylemcd View Post
There seems to be huge variability in this (which the studies have also noted). I can tolerate small amounts but if I make a mistake and buy a high sugar alcohol protein bar, it's bad news. Others can handle more without issue.
I'll echo Lyle here, I've used sugar alcohols daily for over a decade, Extra "sugar free" gum is a pack a day habit for me. which is a substantial amount. And while I'm less sure of the overall health implications of it, I don't notice much gastrointestinal distress, though I've probably adapted as best one can to it at this point.
I also consume a fair amount of Isomalt with Werther's sugar free candy on occasion.
I'm deployed, so getting photos up are hard. This is as of 21 June 2014

Waiting on results from this study.
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