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He says to "target" protein at that amount. It's ok if your off by a little. Just accept the tag along proteins from carb sources. It's more of an issue of getting more calories, a little extra protein won't hurt, but at that carb level the extra protein will just be excess cals.
Anyways I "worried" about it but after reading around the answer on the forum it became clear that unless your eating 400-500g of protein it just doesnt matter.. even at the amount of protein it's not blowing your efforts away.
Your just concerned about following the law and letter of the diet, which is understandable, but this is one of those areas for some wiggle room.
For me I never paid attention I just ate the starches I wanted without using chicken, eggs or other explicit protein sources and if I had a little more wheat and the tag along proteins then so be it.

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