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Hi everyone,

First of all I am sorry to disturb you for asking questions that may have been asked 1000 times but I've carefully read the first 50 pages of this topic + the FAQ and couldn't find answers.

Currently I'm running PHAT, but as I can only workout from mon to fri I'm dying under the I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.load of volume and no rest day during the week. I've been weight lifting for more than two years now (but most of the time doing a bro-split believing the gym protagonists science...) now I'm thinking that this Generic Bulking Routine could be nice to me because in the end all I want is being jacked & tanned

Now I'm weighting 80kg, and lifting 3x5@160kg squat, 3x5@140kg deadlift, 3x5@95kg bench, pendlay row 3x5@90kg and ohpress 5x5@60kg.

I plan to use the routine like this :
Deadlift 3-4x5
Lg press 3-4x6-8
Leg curl 2-3x10-12
Leg ext 2-3x10-12
calf raises 3-4x6-8
seated calf 2-3x10-12

Flat bench 3-4x6-8
row 3-4x6-8
overhead press 2-3x10-12
chinups 2-3x10-12
face pull 3x8-12
skullcrushers 1-2x12-15
ez bar curl 1-2x12-15

squat 3-4x6-8
SLDL 3-4x6-8
leg press 2-3x10-12
leg curl 2-3x10-12
calf raises 3-4x6-8
seated calf raises 2-3x10-12

flat bench 3-4x6-8
row 3-4x6-8
inclined bench 2-3x10-12
pullups 2-3x10-12
facepull 3x8-12
cable triceps extension 1-2x12-15
ez bar curl... or hammer maybe 1-2x12-15

So basically the standard routine with face pull added

1) About the rowing, I read about narrow grip underhand grip on one post, but is it ok for me to do bent over row (with overhand grip shoulder width) ?

2) How to know if I have to switch flat bench & row by inclined bench & pullups on upper 2 ? wouldn't I make better progress by doing heavy bench press & row twice a week ? (if the goal is progressive overload at least I should up on these exercises)

3) I took one day of OH / chinups and one day of inclined / pullups because I found it more "balanced" but is it ok to do only inclined ? (because if I just do the same exercises I have the feeling that I will progress faster on them... but I don't want to get an imbalanced physique)

4) For the DL/leg press choice I took it because I like deadlifting even if I'm bad at it, is it ok like this ? or should I do the same pattern on both low day (being DL/leg press or squat sldl)

Thanks if you can provide answers, and sorry for my french-english
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