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Originally Posted by PyromanXP View Post
Hi again, as I did not get an answer on my first post, I think I will do a shorter one repeating the question that is interesting me the most

2) How to know if I have to switch flat bench & row by inclined bench & pullups on upper 2 ? wouldn't I make better progress by doing heavy bench press & row twice a week ? (if the goal is progressive overload at least I should up on these exercises)

And sorry for employing a bad word in my first post.

Thanks if you can provide me an answer

And just an additional question : what seems the most efficient rep range if I want to add lateral raises on the workout ?
Its really not going to make a huge difference if you switch out the order of exercises. The incline will just hit your delts a bit harder than chest, so if you want more delt work you could go that way. Sort of the same for the rows, since you have back work in both vertical and horizontal planes (rows and pullups/pulldowns), you have the bases covered. Order probably won't matter a lot here. As you get more advanced you might want to change out things a bit more, like incline bench and close grip bench on upper 2, and perhaps all rowing on one upper day and all vertical pulling on the other upper day. But really we aren't talking major changes here that will cause huge impact on progress.
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