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Originally Posted by Neytle View Post
Hello. Often seen on the Internet this training program, but i though it's Lyle McDonald's program. As I understand it is not so?
Is this program actual for natural training?
As far as I'm doing it I think it's a very good compromise between enough volume and decent strengh progress to allow progressive overload.

Anyway I just read again the Q&A from lyle regarding GBR for cutting :
4.1 I want to cut on this routine. How to?
Originally Posted by lylemcd
IMO, any training that works for bulking works for cutting but yes, you can/may need to cut the
volume (and or frequency), but maintain intensity (weight on bar).
So rather than 4 sets of 6-8 + 2-3 set of 10-12 when you had plenty of food to recover from, you
dro back to 2 sets of 6-8 and 1 set of 10-12 but try to keep the weight on the bar.
What you really don't ever want to do is lower the weight on the bar. That's a fantastic way to
lose muscle.
as mentioned endlessly, you can maintain most biomotor capacities with a 2/3rds reduction in
volume and frequency but ONLY if you maintain intensity.
Does it mean that for cutting you have to forget the "cycling part" (deloading every 6-8 week) and just keep working with maxes for every exercises even after the 8 weeks ?
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