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Default Day 8 - 105.1kg

Excited to start another new week. The food has gotten pretty boring now but the results easily keep me going. I really miss fat. Can happily go without carbs but seriously love fat. Looking forward to my cheat meal on Weds.

Took a suprailac measurement to see the composition of weight loss. 16/17 supraillac puts me around 17% which equates to 2.9 kg fat loss for 4.4kg total weight loss. Pretty happy with that. Hope it's linear.

Does 17% look right for the pics?

250g Chicken Breast
Half head broccoli

250g Chicken Breast
Quarter head broccoli

75g Whey

Went surprisingly well. Felt quite weak during the warm up but only lost one rep during one set of bench. Trainer asked if I gained size. Told him I was 4.4kgs down since he last saw me. Couldn't believe it.

Bench - 130x3, 125x3, 120x4, 115x4
CG Bench - 100x7, 95x4, 90x6
Lat Raises - 12x9, 10x10, 10x9, 10x8
Leg Raises - 10, 9

Early morning LISS pre-work tomorrow.
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