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I am constantly modifying and updating the workbooks and they can be a bit of a handful as a result. I update them so often that it was a complete pain to try and throw them up here without a detailed explanation on the features and how they worked. Far too time consuming as it turns out.

There are multiple workbooks involved with links between them which can be hard to work with for novice excel users...and they can be extremely hard to manipulate without initial instruction. It is important that you understand and are comfortable with the logic used to design them so you can find your way around the endless inputs. Without this they can be difficult to manage.

Most individuals I have sent them to give up after a few days...they say it is too much detail for them to bother with...they want managing the program to be far easier. Taking into account how detailed you want to be I suppose "easy" is a relative term!

PM me if you would like the workbooks and I will do my best to make them available once I get them to a point where I am happy to let them loose.


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