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Day 3: 186.8 lbs.

Never thought I would be a 4:30 am workout guy...but having a family and graduate school I found that this is my time if I want to have it bad enough. I'm enjoying my 30 minutes runs on the treadmill (though I'm already telling myself why didn't I just purchase a nice pair of shoes, get a head light, and just go outside?). Today I even added in 3 sets of pull - ups (10, 7, 4) and 3 sets of body weight squats (25, 25, 25). My treadmill run is usually 5-10 minutes of walking while I find a good youtube video....and than 20 minutes going at 5.2 miles or so.

Tomorrow I plan on doing a run and than working the chest/arms. I will be shopping for a good deal on weights and bars and have something set up in my backyard. I want to get to weight lifting again I really miss it and the calorie burn from resistance training will greatly help my diet and bodyrecomp. (If I recall correctly, most calories from weight lifting are burned in recovery). I do not want to drive in the morning to go to a gym (it would take too long and I wouldn't have time) nor do I want to do the gym at work ($55 a month and it is packed is ridiculous....well just my opinion I guess). I like the convenience of working out from home...

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