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This article could probably have been written about me. She took a cruise, I got an injury & went on vacation. You may be right about the stressed out headcases, but I do not really feel I fit the description entirely.

In my case I rather feel its a personality trait/disorder. I am a pretty high achiever, fairly intelligent, but I had a rather tough childhood. I think these things together with perhaps other have induced a very 'black-white' way of thinking/being.

Either I do things full out 100%, to the edge of what I can do or I couldnt give a rats I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.. In loge in general - work for example this works fairly well. However, what Ive not been able to grasp is that more effort, discipline doesnt solve all types of problems. In fact when it comes to the mind & body, it is almost always destructive.

Instead you should be lenient, flexible - stay in the middle of the road. Rest, have fun and enjoy yourself. Which isnt my normal way of thinking about problems.

Reason, I write this is that I dont feel stressed out/high strung. I think the psychological aspects of this is more complex than "stressed outbyggd high strung menopause women".

Once again a superb article. Thanks Lyle.
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