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Originally Posted by yupisaidit View Post
Thanks for the note Holly! Memorial Day Weekend is such a popular time for weddings, I'm guessing we'll not be at the same one but that would be so funny if we were! At the same time, I'm loathe to give too much away because there are a few things that I'm going to mention in my posts about my personal life that I'd like to keep private (as well as, I'm going to begin experimenting with medicinal amounts of THC, which is not legal in my state without a prescription). It will be helpful for me to have an anonymous journal here in that regard. I'm sure you get it!

I'm going to follow along on your journey as well!
Super unlikely it would be the same wedding, just amusing.

You can get a medical prescription to purchase MJ here and there is a ballot supposedly coming up to legalize. I've read that one variant in particular can be helpful w/ADD, but it isn't anything I've seriously considered.

Have been thinking of trying some kind of medication again; it's just that I generally hate to take stuff.

Only anti-depressant that really worked for me long term (trazadone) helped me sleep (known to help with that w/ADD), which was great. I gained 60 pounds in a year though which wasn't so great.

Just low carb/low cal here right now. And I want to eat all the food. I'm not going to. I just want to...all the food.

Realistically I can't fit ALL of it; feeling willing to try though.
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