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Default coming up with a new plan?

Hi all,

I am on a 3rd cycle of UD2. The first two, each 4 weeks long, I finished just before Xmas 2016 -- and they got me from about 18% to 12% BF while bringing my 20 day average scale weight up by about 2lbs.

All my lifts gained over that period. I took 1-2 weeks off between each cycle and just ran the Lyle maintenance diet, but didn't really take it too seriously. I'm definitely way stronger and look much better than when I initially started, so I totally love how effective it's been.

Currently I'm in week 2 of this cycle, planning to do 4 weeks total again.

My goal is to be sub-10% BF by June 1st. My question is a pretty broad one: what should I do next?

UD2 is pretty tough for a variety of reasons (I *am* starting to lose my mind... ). I can't see myself doing it repeatedly as above until June (but maybe I should try until I hit the goal?). I could try switching to the maintenance diet afterwards for a month, then cycling that and UD2 every month until June. Or...would it be smarter to just stick to the maintenance diet and adjust TDEE down very very slowly? Would extending my current cycle by 2 weeks for 6 total make more sense?

I feel like I can make progress on lifting in either UD2 or maintenance mode well. I don't do a ton of cardio (boxing for 1hr and some mobility work once a week each). I could add more cardio.

Basically, I'm looking for input and advice. Would be grateful for any ideas or suggestions.

Thank you!
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