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Originally Posted by LightCrow View Post
Now you see why the recommendation is not to do UD2 above 15% body fat, or even 12%. Just follow the moderate diet and bring in stubborn fat protocols when you get to 10%. Why are you only dieting for 4 week blocks? You can go as long as 6-8 weeks. Either way you can manintain for now and restart in the spring or go on now. If you're a real 12% you should get sub-10% during your next dieting round.
Yep, just as the book says. But people like to suffer, I guess.

Personally, I get to 12-10% with simple straight deficit (25%) and once a week refeed, just to keep myself motivated.

Sub 12 or sub 10, then I go with something more complex (i.e. UD2, EOD refeeds).
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