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I can't believe how much I liked this. I used different mixtures of my TP chocolate flavored whey/US Milk Protein. I only had regular cocoa, and I know I like the taste of the Hershey's Dark better, so I'll probably like it even more when I restock that. I put one whole tbp of psyllium and 2 tablespoons of cocoa. I also used regular fat free milk for the first two batches and used 1/2 TBSP butter. I have to buy the spray butter so I can cut down to 10-20 calories from oil. I'm also going to try it with just no butter.

In any case, my only problem with this is that I want to eat more of it. I knew I had to save calories for my corned beef dinner tonight but ended up going way over maitenance because I made 3 batches of this through out the day.

I guess if I eat it as the majority of my calorie intake for a few days, I'll stop craving it so much.

In any case, good recipe and if I eat a lot of this, it's okay too as the ingredients are inexpensive.

Originally Posted by Uziel View Post
This is for RFL but it's been my stand-by evening meal/dessert whatever. I'll likely keep this part of my diet regardless of whatever I'm doing because it's delicious.

2 scoops EAS Chocolate Whey Protein powder
2 tsp psyllium husk (~9g soluble fiber)
1 tsp Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa (10 calories)
1/4 of a serving of unsweetened almond milk (10 calories)
Little bit of Spray Butter
Splenda to taste

Mix the protein and husk powder in a bowl, add cocoa and mix. Add a little bit of spray butter, then slowly add the almond milk while mixing. Taste, then add desired amount of splenda.

It's basically brownie batter. I eat it with a spoon and the entire bowl is:
~280 calories, 46g protein, 2g fat, 2g net carbs, 11g fiber
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