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Originally Posted by InsertCleverNameHere View Post
Good luck with this. I don't think there's any easy way to deal with it. I would definitely NOT make her weigh and measure stuff for you. That sounds like a bunch of arguments.

Maybe the best solution is just to eat what everybody else eats but to have smaller portions. I'm not Turkish, but when I visited family recently everybody kept saying how skinny I was and how starving yourself isn't healthy . And this was after telling them that I just found out I'm type 2 diabetic and need to take it easy on carbs.

What are your goals? I don't think you need to be super precise about stuff just to get to an acceptable bf %.
In my book I don't think it's too much to ask that my wife measures out ingredients when making anything for me, at least the big stuff. It's part of being a good cook, it's more to do about consistency. And as far as precision goes a scale is the most precise and even then your macro and cal count can have a large margin of error. You get less precise using measuring cups/spoons. And then "eyeballing" might be acceptable on the fly or at a restaurant but the margin of error can be so huge that it's questionable whether it's of much value when counting anything. The reason why you would use more "precise measurements is to be more consistent, it's harder to be off by a margin that sacrifices efforts when your weighing somthing.

Asking your wife to hand you a recipie that she followed with due diligence I think is totally fair, but obviously that's between you and your spouse. In my house it's a little courtesy to each others hobbies, I don't make her use the scale if she doesn't want to, I ask if I can weigh out the stuff that matters like oils, protein, carbs. If for some reason those don't happen I at least ask her to use the measuring cups and spoons.
I don't mind being a little firm about it, look at our society.. nearly everyone has metabolic disease, it's not like we just do this to look good naked, there's a very real epidemic that's at the door step, measuring out the ingredients is a first step to knowledge on mitigating the start/spread of it in your family.

Edit i told my wife about this question, she says what helps her and she likes the most is that we make dinner together.. if that's a possibility for you give it a try

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