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Originally Posted by Kossunen View Post
I just downed 85g of different kind of sugar alcohols, from sugar free candy. I'm thinking their affection in muscle glycogen synthesis, do they go to muscles, as I'm now carbloading? Or does liver use them also?
stay close to a bathroom - otherwise have a change of shorts on hand!
1. Ketosis doesn't matter.
2. Strength training+Protein+DHA/EPA+veggies+vitamins&minerals DOES.
3. Search BEFORE you ask questions.
4. Use google as well - Add "". Google can find those short strings of letters.
5. You are not a rodent so follow up with pubmed ( use "+human" "-rat" "-mouse" modifiers
6. Check the STICKY threads.
7. use google to find all my posts.
8. Supplement evidence
9. Private message are cheerfully ignored.
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