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Default full diet break for catogory 3 dieter


I'm 32 years old, 5' 10" tall and currently weigh 265 lbs down from 463 following keto most of the way, took 2 years to do that but i had a serious accident in the middle of that period which left me with a herniated disc and a broken leg and about a year of bed rest and 3 month after that with limited activity so you can guess the damage that happened to my muscle mass and my metobolic rate. I've measured my body fat recently at 30% using bioimpedance scales (I know they're rubbish) but I think the real number is about 35%.

My problem right now is that my metabolism seems to have slowed down to a halt, i train my full body with light weights and high reps to aid in glycogen depletion 2 times a week and do medium intensity cardio about 3 hours weekly and after all that i can barely get away with 1800 cals/day without gaining weight which i think is very low given my weight and LBM.

I know that it was mentioned in the book that the full diet break is not needed for the category 3 dieters because their leptin and other hormones are not affected by dieting but in my case could the loss of almost 200 lbs have that effect even though i'm still at 35% BF? I'm thinking about having a break for 14 days or is that useless at this point?

I know it's a very long question but i'm extremely frustrated at this point
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