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Amusingly, since I don't plan on doing this, I still keep thinking about it and reading what I can find.

I saw one write-up where someone claims to have lost 6 inches from their waistline in a single session of this thing. Granted, that person would have to have been fat to start with (since I'm at a 31 now, losing 6" would put me at a 25, which would probably kill me).

Even if a huge percentage of that was just water and magic, the amount of fat released in that would be huge, and it would only "go away" if oxidized. (as it is not excreted as waste)
If not oxidized, then it is just going to go right back into fat (and in theory could go from one fat area to a worse one - non-stubborn to stubborn - but if you have 6" on your waist to lose, I suppose that's the least of your concerns at the time).

They say in the articles that they have them walk on a treadmill for an hour after each session.
If they walk pretty slowly, that's about 200 calories burned, and if they really have a decent clip/incline, then they might get as many as 600 calories (from my own experience) - otherwise it is no longer walking (and the intensity may then push them out of fat burning).

So even at best, 600 calories, 1/5th of a pound of fat - which means only a very small fraction of what is released.
Assuming that what is released is also massively more than what one usually gets on average say on a low carb diet, this seems extremely unhealthy to me.
(again, I don't think anyone is using this for health purposes)

Some questions that arose while pondering this (I get *really* bored doing cardio):
1) how many calories are burned during a single SFP 2.0 session? (looking at the times/intensities - I am guessing that 1k is not unattainable, if not more, and 500 is probably definite)
2) how much fat is released during a low carb diet during waking hours?
3) how much does #2 change when you add Yohimbe?

I would think if you did Zeltiq, one would want to carb depelete for at least 2-4 days before hand, have already been doing LISS for a few months to get your body used to the stuff, maybe hit DNP for two days prior and through the process, and then walk WAY more than an hour immediately after the procedure - basically walk a marathon.

Otherwise you are basically paying a ton of money to take an unhealthy amount of fat out of your system at once, and redistribute it elsewhere (as not all of it can go immediately back to where it was, since there is supposedly some damage to the cells that takes time/energy to recovery from).

Anyway, yeah - that's the sort of thing I think about while trying to kill time on the treadmill.
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