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Originally Posted by Brofessorphd View Post
I wish there was a better visual for seems most guys tend to be in this area and strive to get down to 10 and below..well..guys like me atleast.
Originally Posted by Bobbyguns18 View Post
I wouldn't mind looking somewhat close to the 6-7% guy. The 3-4 % guy is peeled! Either way, they're both in contest shape, and not many of us here are going to "need" to get that lean. I think 7-9% in "real life" is ridiculously impressive, especially with a decent amount of LBM. Just my humble opinion though.
The thing is, there is no true "gold standard" if you read through all of the research, short of dissecting a cadaver of course. DEXA has a fairly huge error from individual to individual, particularly in lean men. Even the 4-compartment model has a certain degree of error, not that most have access to these. These estimates, like the picture in the OP, are simply based off of what individuals on the internet perceive as 5%, 7%, 10%...etc.

I think we can all agree stage ready bodybuilders are in the 4 - 6% range. Beyond's just random numbers. It would be nice to have someone take a large population of leaner individuals and compare their pictures with the sum of multiple site caliper readings.

I say "leaner" because anyone above 15%ish is simply going to be perceived as out of shape, and beyond that, overweight.

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