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Default Day 8

Day 8
Weight: 167.6
Calories (morning/afternoon): 800
175g protein

It's mid-day on day 8, and I will be performing my tension workout/refeed tonight and tomorrow. I have been experiencing some constipation for the past 2 days, so I assume my carb load may not result in the weight gain I normally see (carb loads make me poop A LOT). I took a progress photo last night, but I do not really see too much of a visual difference, so I feel it unnecessary to post. It may be more indicative of what I have achieved to post my weight and a photo after my maintenance period before starting the second cycle as I will be refed and my weight should be fairly stabilized. Going to follow the tension workout exactly as written in the UD2 book. I anticipate being around 170 lbs after the carb load and maintenance period, which would indicate ~3lbs lost (hopefully primarily fat). If that's the case, I'd definitely consider this 8 day run so far a success. I felt awful the whole time, but it works as promised. I see now why Lyle recommends against category 1 RFLing.
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