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Originally Posted by Sugar View Post
I have noticed pain in my achiles tendom doing heavy sets of calf raises (sets of 3 reps). I don't know if it was due to the heavy weigth, or due to an excessive lowering phase (as low as I could).

Do you recomend training one-joint exercises like that with less than 5 reps?, is it dangerous?.
Sure, you can do it if you're careful. Most aren't careful and or load up too much weight. 5 reps is usually my go to low rep range for hypertrohpy

Adding, the key to making heavy low rep work, err, work without injury is that you have to gradually move into it. If you have someone who has only ever done high rep sets and jump them to low reps, they get problems becasue the connective tissues aren't adapted. there's a progression that needs to be followed and most don't do it. And their joints fall off.

Lemme guess what you did: Waterbury....
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