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Default What is the Ultimate Diet 2.0

With the exception of a small percentage of genetic elite, who never seem to understand what the big deal is, dieting to sub 10-12% bodyfat for men (19-22% for women) is a huge problem. Hunger, muscle loss, crashing hormones, impaired training performance, these things and more seem to conspire against you to keep you from ever getting as lean as you want to be.

That's where the UD2 comes in. Building on previous cyclical diets such as the original Ultimate Diet and Dan Duchaine's Bodyopus, the UD2 will give you the reasons why dieting to extreme leanness is so difficult (hint: thank evolution). More importantly, it'll give you the solution to those problems.

Note: the UD2 is an advanced diet for advanced dieters. If you're not a male at 12-15% bodyfat or a female about 20-24% bodyfat and you haven't been training for at least 6 months, this diet isn't for you.

To read more about the UD2, please click here.