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Originally Posted by smedleyamy View Post
Hi lylemcd,

No ,it is not right way to loss fat fast because the conversion of fat into glucose take place and it is utilize fully. Person whose fat lost rapidly feels fatigue early and have a severe headache.Itís taken almost as a matter of faith in the fitness world that slower rates of weight loss are superior to faster rates, that diets generating faster weight loss always cause faster rates of regain and poorer long-term results. Immune system and resistance power of the body decreases in that case. Daily Metabolism and blood circulation lowers down as a result many dangerous diseases occur.Fat loss is right thing but it should be decrease in gradual slow way. Natural loss of fat is good thing than Rapid fat of loss.

Very impressive, in a single unformatted paragraph, you are wrong about everything. Or did you not read the article and the direct research showing that some work shows BETTER long-term results with faster fat loss. Nevermind, I"m being rhetorical. You're wrong.
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